Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What You Should Know Before Buying a FitBit! #HerHealthyCurves

 So YES I am all excited about my FitBit!

Here are some things that you need to KNOW before you buy and what to do when you get your FITBIT!

1. You need a BITBELT, its a little plastic holder that keeps your FIT BIT ON...apparently FITBIT's are easy to come off, but I read tons of reviews about people losing theirs (these are $100 folks...I am not trying to lose mine tho!!) and the easy and effective solution was this BIT BELT, they are super inexpensive (like $6 bucks) and you are never at risk of losing your Fabulous Fitbit!

Fitbit Activity + Sleep Trackers

2. You gotta have Fitbit Friends!  If you don't have any email me and I will totally be your fit bit friend!  

Add Me >>>

I haven't won any of the challenges that I have been a part of BUT....I am totally having more fun moving because its more competitive and the world can see how much I moved today or much I sat on my butt!

3. You gotta USE the App!

But if you don't have a phone that is compatible with the app you can use your FitBit along with your laptop.

4. You will get used to it being on your arm.
Okay I kinda show mine off too. I even wore mine to a wedding a few days ago.
It does not seem like you will get used to this band, but you will eventually forget that you even have it on.

You get two FitBit bracelets, but just ONE FitBit.  

The FitBit really IS a small BIT inside of the bracelet.

The two FitBit bracelets come in two different sizes you can use the one that fits you best depending on your wrist size. I just keep the other one in the box in case I damage this one, but I am actually looking to get different color ones for fashion purposes.

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5. It holds a charge for a long time.  It only takes about 30 minutes to charge it up...and yep, you can charge it to your laptop via USB!

6. It says that its waterproof...but I am not wearing mine in the shower OR when I wash dishes.

7. I love the wake-up/alarm feature.  It wakes me up so pleasantly in the AM.

8. Speaking of sleep, the Fitbit keeps awesome track of your sleep so you know if your time in bed is actually valuable.  I used to think that I wasn't sleeping through the night....but I actually DO!

9. My FitBit is a Great Health Tracker!
I keep track of my weight, active daily minutes and how much water that I have consumed for the day...all from my FitBit app.  I don't track the food because I basically only eat Freshly, but if I was tracking food it would be cool for that too!

What I would change about my FitBit...
  • I wish that it was prettier.  In all of the research that I did I didn't come across anything to make it prettier besides the Tory Birch 18K gold Fitbit...which I actually and completely need!

I will keep you posted about my FitBit experience! Also feel free to ask me any questions that you might by tweeting me @ClassySharelle and we can check in on FitBit Fridays!  Let me know how many steps that you took this week!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why I Started This Online Journal About Curvy Girls Getting Healthy!

I have been very interested in being one of those "really healthy people" for quite some time, but I just haven't been able to be one of those know...because of "reasons."  I even have the nerve to talk about it on my lifestyle blog

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My Mother was diagnosed with Diabetes about a week ago (both of my little sisters and a host of other family members have the disease) and I decided that I have got to be more proactive about my health.  For my Mother and for my future.  My thoughts are that if we are doing it together that we will be able to help each other through the questions and difficulties AND I can prevent the same diagnosis by acting like I already have Diabetes.

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I have also started gaining weight (and that is NOT hot)!
*luckily it has just been about 10 pounds from my regular Curvaliciousness*

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...and I used to look like this (BELOW) just about 20 lbs ago! You know I need to get on some get right!  I'm not trying to be all skinny...but most definitely healthy.

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I have been somebody that always enjoyed fitness blogs (they are pretty much the only ones that I read) so I decided to start my own BUT specifically for the Curvy Girl in me and to help me keep track of all of the things work for me and the things that don't.

This site is going to be part online diary, part recipe book and part "way too honest" so that I can chronicle my weight, health and new lifestyle that I am deciding to embark upon.  If you are looking for Classy, BlackGirl....she isn't here. Well she is, but in this space I am just talking about health and wellness in Mind, Body & Spirit.

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I'm going to share some serious stuff and some funny stuff!  Cheers to #MyHealthyCurves 

Also feel free to ask me any questions at